TRP Interview: Revealing Beth Marshall

Meeting Beth Marshall for her REVEAL, I immediately felt a sense of sensuality and texture that seemed to emanate from her.  The texture appeared again as she weaved the story of her life experience as if from colorful tapestries of fabric and pigments.  Her language and ability to articulate struck me as it's own art form and her eyes told me she'd known both joy and heartache.  I felt that she wanted to see the fullness of her being captured in it's honest form, perhaps a part of her that has otherwise remained hidden or elusive. I could sense that she questioned something hiding inside herself that she had yet to claim and I dare say she found it;  her divine feminine beauty.  

TRP: Who are you today? 

I’m a beautiful and kind soul, in the body of a sexy, sensual, and radiant woman.  I am someone who is determined to make a difference in the world by teaching others to create peace within themselves and in the world. (Ultimately, however, I am “no-thing” since I always have the ability to change, shift, and access whatever is needed!)

TRP: What are the biggest challenges that have faced you as a woman? 

The biggest challenges that I’ve faced as a woman are somewhat intertwined:
Learning to trust myself and my intuition – Ignoring “the inner voice” never ends well!
Creating harmony between the masculine and feminine energies of life – I spent the first 13 years of my career in highly masculine energy, overcorrected to feminine energy while recapturing it, and now finding the middle ground is still an ongoing journey.
Embracing my full magnificence and power – Learning to embrace what is unique and amazing about me has been a process, for sure.  It has meant learning to let go of what other people think of me, owning my brilliance (both life experience and intuitive wisdom), and surrendering and letting go.

What are some of the issues that you think are important to explore in relation to being a woman?

Obviously, I’m likely biased by my own journey here but I believe that creating harmony between masculine and feminine energies in ourselves is critical.  It involves finding one’s natural place on the continuum of energy, and understanding how to move fluidly on it to find energy appropriate for each circumstance (not every circumstance needs the same energy – sometimes more masculine is needed, sometimes more feminine is needed, sometimes a mix).

This one issue is at the forefront of most women’s issues as I see it. We (me too!) are moving too fast and masculinizing ourselves as a result, leaving the world void of a beautiful energy that only women can provide – an energy that heals.

TRP: What frightens you?

I can’t say there’s much that frightens me anymore given that these last few months have been filled with opportunities to surrender and let go of what no longer serves me which, in many cases, was what was causing the fears that I had.

However, I wonder how much longer the “letting go” process will take before I’ve created enough of a vacuum to manifest the life of my dreams (i.e. husband and children; thriving business in service to others; etc.).  I am blessed to see the beauty of my life now as it exists and I am also being shown an entirely new level of patience!

What is your CALLING; in other words, in what way is your heart and soul compelled to make a difference, and why is it personal?

As I know it to be at this time, my calling is to support others to unlock and unleash their full magnificence, eliminating all barriers (i.e. fear/anxiety, money, non-supportive beliefs, etc.) related to creating freedom, choice, and peace for themselves in their lives.

I am compelled to make a difference because it is personal – it has been my own journey to tap into all of my capabilities and my own magnificence while creating a peaceful life.  And I am only getting started. ☺

TRP: How do you keep yourself inspired by life? 

I’d say there are 4 key things that I do to keep myself inspired by life:

  1.  I slow things down enough to be present and aware to the magic happening around me.  Whether that is truly paying attention to others during conversations, walking outside in nature, or enjoying the simple peace and quiet of the early morning. Everything is beautiful and meaningful if we choose to “smell the roses.”
  2. I am in pursuit of the best version of me, always (even when I want to crawl into bed because it feels too hard).  This mentality regularly ushers in new challenges which keeps me on my toes and inspired to find out what I’m truly capable of, and the difference that I’m able to make in the world.
  3. I surround myself with positive people who know how to enjoy the moment and yet are always challenging the status quo and are taking themselves to the next level.  Having like-minded people around helps me to grow because they can objectively offer the insights and wisdom I may be missing in addition to the occasional “you can do it!”
  4. I am ALWAYS learning…and teaching! (Seriously though, it’s pretty obnoxious. ☺ )  Books, audios, articles, people who show up in my life to teach me, etc. – I take each bit of information in as a beautiful piece of tapestry that I’ve woven into who I am today, and that I’m able to pass along to others.  Everything I learn and teach becomes a piece of the puzzle that slips into place and shows me the next step.

TRP: Have you ever hit “rock bottom” and if so what did it teach you?

Funny you should ask this question, because while I don’t feel like I’ve hit “rock bottom,” I have to admit that the 9 months before my early 2016 TRP photo shoot felt very challenging, and then the 2 months after the photo shoot were highly emotional and disorienting to put it mildly.  I had many repressed emotions coming up in an effort to clear space and allow me to reveal, honor, and accept myself as all of who I am.  Honestly, the TRP photo shoot and revelation process played a big role in the release of those emotions.

In essence, the last year has been an amazing juxtaposition of moments of beauty, joy, and love offset by what has felt like deep struggle, scarcity, and growth.  Through it all, I’ve learned what it truly means to surrender and let go (and even with that, I’m sure there’s another level!).  As I’ve surrendered and learned to let go, the amount of peace in my life has increased exponentially.  Even when circumstances around me are challenging, I am able to gracefully center myself and not give in to fear.

TRP: What in particular made you feel like being part of The Revelation Project was important to you at this time in your life? 

My journey back to myself began 8 years ago when I left a lucrative job that was killing a piece of my soul every day.  Since then, it’s been a wild ride of adventure to recapture parts of me that had been lost along the way.  My journey accelerated in late 2012 with a breast cancer scare (which ended up being a hormonal growth) which sparked my spiritual awakening and opened a space for some deep personal transformational work.

After several years of polishing off my “diamond” that had been layered upon and shrouded over the years, I knew it was time to celebrate and launch a rebirth of sorts as I stepped gracefully into the woman I am meant to be.

About the shoot:

TRP: What did you think about the approach of the upcoming photo shoot (before you got there) and did you have any expectations?

The questionnaire that I filled out prior to the shoot was fantastic! It really got me thinking about the experience that I wanted to intentionally create and how I wanted to feel during the shoot.I didn’t have many, if any, expectations related to the photo shoot.  I knew that I planned to be surrendered to what would be on that day, and allow myself to be supported and loved by 3 lovely ladies as I played and explored.

TRP: How did you feel during the shoot?  What in particular helped make you feel present, relaxed, safe, and open to the process?  Was there anything lacking?

I felt great during the day of the shoot, and always taken care of.  The grounding ceremony before the shoot officially started was an important anchor point for me to be able to express and share where I was (in that moment, in life, etc.) and also to feel safe, present, and relaxed.

While I can’t say it was necessarily lacking, at the end I did have a sense of being rushed (to wrap up, to pack up, etc.).  Ultimately, it was okay and with that said it was a bit challenging to adjust to the faster pace after having been in the flow of the feminine for the better part of the experience.

TRP: Please describe in three words the way you were feeling before the shoot:

Surrendered, Excited, Centered

TRP: Three words for after:

Connected, Flirtatious, Energized

TRP: Three words for when you saw the results:

Awestruck, Joyous, Powerful

TRP: What were some of the things you thought about on the drive home. How were you feeling?

I can’t say I thought about much on the drive home…I was simply at peace. Several days after the shoot, however, I began to wonder “How can I be that woman (that I was at the shoot) in my everyday life? How can I allow her to thrive and shine?”  It was a sense of excitement of what could be mixed with fear of not knowing how to actually be it.

TRP: What was it like for you to wait for your photographs to be revealed and what was the conversation going on in your head?

Given that I had a 2-week international vacation planned beginning the week after the shoot, I didn’t have much time to think about the pictures nor to have much conversation in my head.  I remember experiencing a genuine curiosity about my photos and what would come out of a day where I felt feminine, powerful, joyful, and very in-the-moment. I’d never particularly cared for how I looked in pictures in my life, yet in this case there was definitely a sense that this time would be different somehow. (And it was. ☺ )

TRP: When you saw your images for the very first time, what was your initial reaction?

Power, grace, sexy! The day before I saw the pictures I’d had a turbulent day filled with self-doubt, anger, and sadness, and my faith was badly shaken. The pictures offered irrefutable evidence of my divinity right in front of me, as if the Universe was saying “here is who you are.”

TRP: Please share some of the feedback you received from those who saw your photographs.

Gorgeous. Bold. Beautiful. Uninhibited. Stunning. Sensual. Sexy. Radiant. Joyful. Courageous. Vibrant. Empowered. Powerful. Playful. Authentic. Vulnerable. Fun. Divine.  

TRP: What are some words you would use to describe how those comments made you feel?

Powerful, sensual, beautiful, aligned, seen/witnessed, alive.

TRP: What did your Revelation Project reveal to your SELF?

I had many things revealed to me during my Revelation Project, and I’d say the main thing was how many different aspects of me there are and how these aspects are available to me always and I can access them at any given time.  I also realized how far I’ve come to be able to truly tap into my feminine side which allows me to flow through life with grace and ease.

TRP: Do you feel empowered since your shoot, and if so what has empowered you in this experience?

Yes, most definitely I feel empowered since my photo shoot.  There was something very important that “clicked” for me that day, and even more so once I saw the photos that were revealed.  At a time that I was struggling to acknowledge my power and step fully into my purpose, the photos were a moment where I could no longer deny the woman that I’ve become.  I’m incredibly grateful for how TRP has played such a significant role in my journey and has allowed me to center in peace and accept who I am.

TRP: What is the number one REVELATION you take away from your TRP experience?

The word I would use for my number one revelation is “fluidity,” which for me is defined as my ability to be present in any moment or circumstance and access my femininity, my peace, and my grace, despite circumstances.  This is a gift not only for myself, but also for me to share with the world.

TRP: Has it altered the way you view yourself and interact in your relationships, and if so in what way?

It feels as if it’s elevated my confidence and centered nature to new levels, and that I am able to quietly and peacefully be present with others even more so than before. I find myself less likely to lean into fear even if circumstances seem unpleasant, and instead I ground myself and notice what’s going on and allow it to pass through me.  I’d like to think that this shift has a calming effect on others with whom I’m in relationship.

TRP: Do you think TRP is relevant and valuable for other women?  Why?

YES, YES, YES!!!!  There are so many reasons why I would recommend TRP as relevant and valuable for other women (and have already done so with several of my friends), however for me it boils down to: having the opportunity for your divinity to be reflected back to you; enjoying a rare chance to play and explore without predetermined outcomes (something sorely missing in our world that is critical to femininity, in my opinion); witnessing the beauty that can come from uncertainty and surrender.

TRP: How will you use the photos moving forward; professionally, personally, or as gifts?

I’m already using the photos personally (social media, etc.), and may make the choice to use some of them professionally on my website in the future.

What is your favorite song and why?

I’ll admit I have 2 favorite songs, so I’ll list them both here because I can’t decide! Both songs have hauntingly beautiful melodies and lyrics that remind me of who I am and that I am supported.

“I Am Light” by India Arie.  This song reminds me of letting go – of my ego, any pain, and labels (that I’ve given myself & that have been given to me by others).

 "I Am Light"  read the lyrics here

And “Beautiful Beautiful” by Francesca Battistelli.  This song reminds me that I am never alone, and that my journey is always witnessed and supported. Read "Beautiful Beautiful" lyrics here.

TRP: Please sum up your TRP experience in one sentence.

TRP was a life-changing and magical experience that allowed me to witness and experience aspects of myself that I’d been unconsciously trying to hide for many years!