Start a Revelation™ and join us for a weekend of fun, transformation & reclamation this coming April 2018! 

More and more, women are coming together in powerful numbers all over the world to make change possible for the present and future generations. TRP believes that true change is possible by revealing the core of our own limiting beliefs and redefining our stories. As women, many of us are unconscious to certain beliefs or limits simply because it's the way it's always been, and we have never known a different reality than the one our culture designed for us. Many of us have never accessed or experienced the truth of who we are as women without all of the noise. This weekend is designed to reveal and..

  • Surface unconscious feminine stereotypes
  • Explore limiting beliefs, reveal your truth
  • Reveal your innate gifts and explore your impact
  • Transform your self-image
  • Shift from a heart in pain to a heart at peace
  • Redefine your feminine story
  • Activate your feminine birth right


Kennebunk Maine / April 27, 28, 29th  2018      

Program fee:  
$ 1, 200.00 per person shared occupancy / including room & board
* Single beds granted first come, first serve. 

Shared Bedrooms:
9 Shared Beds (3 Kings, 6 Queens) : 2 per bed
5 Single Beds (Twin Size) *shared rooms: 1 Per bed.

About the Property:
Please click on the link below: 

The 219house

This retreat is open to a total of 18 women.  Please don't delay!  Reserve your spot now with a 50% deposit.