Please join Monica, Kim & Andrea for a very special weekend of REVELATION & SISTERHOOD.

We invite you to explore the fascinating world of story-telling,
and discover it's ancient power to heal, restore, and inspire.

OCTOBER 26th- 28th 2018 Kennebunk Maine

Now, more than ever, it's time for women to claim their voices and narrate their
own powerful stories.  

Women are waking up to the realization that their lives have been influenced by the stories of their families, cultures, and personal experiences. These stories have unconsciously shaped us and held us hostage for generations. It's time to shift that narrative and explore a powerful new story that inspires, empowers, and opens you to greater possibilities in your life. 

By revealing the unconscious narratives of your life, you will begin to shift into new perspectives, and get to the TRUE storylines that REVEAL who you really are.  

So who are YOU, really, without expectations, conditions, or gender assignments?
You'll find out as revelations surface throughout this unique retreat experience!


The benefits of doing this work:

  • A connection to your body and the wisdom it holds so you can integrate with your higher knowing.
  • Mindful tools to help you reveal and release self limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back.
  • Techniques to shift out of your disempowering story and into empowering thoughts and actions.
  • Living your most fulfilled life as a result of revealing your inner gifts passions and desires. 
  • A deep awareness for the importance of community and the power of connection, because we are not meant to journey alone. 

Lasting impact of this retreat: 

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs that disempower you. 
  • The ability to make clear and powerful decisions.
  • Firm and loving boundaries to honor your truth. 
  • A life that feels exciting, joyous and free.
  • A recognition of your inner gifts, passions and desires.

TRP will guide you to explore and reveal through meditation, conversation, coaching, creative processing, witnessing,
journaling, sharing and laughing. 


Our bold claim: 

Since 2010, TRP has witnessed women transform their beliefs about what is possible in their lives.  During our workshops, we've watched women emerge and literally "come to life" as we've held them with fierce compassion at the edge of their comfort zone.  Through our highly developed techniques, co-active coaching, and an incredible dedication to process, we turn an intimate lens towards each woman so she may witness her own strength and beauty to reacquaint her with the wisdom of her soul. 

We believe that what gets revealed gets healed.

Our team is committed to witnessing your one wild and precious life as you embark on a new way of bringing your new and empowered story to the forefront for positive change for your future. 

 TRP Team Members: Kim Fuller, Andrea Willets & Monica Rodgers 

TRP Team Members: Kim Fuller, Andrea Willets & Monica Rodgers 

If your urge is to leap, don't delay, spaces will go quickly!

This retreat is an incredible opportunity to kick start your passion and re-kindle your love affair with the power of introspection. No past experience with The Revelation Project is necessary and all women are welcome with open arms. 

DATES:  OCTOBER 26th- 28th Kennebunk Maine

Check in:  Friday October 26th, 12:00 PM

Program Kick-Off: Friday October 26th,  3:00 PM

Program Conclusion: Sunday October 28th, 12:00 PM


You will love the amazing setting we've chosen for our retreat getaway.  Feel free to click on the link below and learn more about the 219 House + Annex, as well as the surrounding area.  Just a quick walk from the beach, you'll be able to explore the surrounding town and coastline in your free-time.  October is a beautiful time to experience the East Coast and fall foliage!

You will have the opportunity to request a shared or private room experience.  Please see our registration page for details and prices. 

219 House Kennebunk Maine + The Annex

Food & Beverage:  

Our catering company of choice is Kitchen Chicks of Kennebunkport Maine.  This amazing company puts love in all of their meals and details. Expect gourmet food from sustainable sources, and please let us know if you have any food allergies when you register. 

Enjoy past photographs and testimonials from our P.A.U.S.E. & REVEAL Retreat last April.

Retreat_ Weekend.jpg
My experience of the first ever TRP weekend retreat was everything I expected and SO MUCH MORE! The food, my bedroom, the house, and the comraderie was incredible! I can not put a price on what I am taking away from this retreat. I’m eager to be an embassador and spread the word about this program!
— Patti
The TRP Mission was accomplished!  So well done, well organized.. loved the little touches like the cute, purposeful gift bags and high quality paper.  DELICIOUS, healthy food. I felt, held, safe, pampered, seen. This retreat is PACKED with VALUE! More of this!!! I’m taking away so much and more tools in my toolbox, more friends in my circle, more luv in my heart to send out. So great how you all participated with us, letting us “see” you and your vulnerabilities. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Love you all!
— Laura Rizzo Benson
This past weekend I went to the MOST AMAZING women’s retreat in Maine led by 3 beautiful, vibrant women. I am so inspired! Thank you Monica Rodgers , Kim Fuller, Andrea Willets for daring to be and share yourselves with the world. 13 of us total... arrived mostly strangers, left as sisters
— Erica
Dear Kim, Monica and Andrea-
I am standing at my kitchen counter ready for my personal hurricane to wake and for us both to face the day together. As life would have it, I had multiple opportunities to sit in the eye of the storm yesterday and did exactly that. I am so thankful that each of you women stood up in your lives instead of standing down. I am so thankful that you each saw the light in each other and the spiritual power your coming together could have. I am so thankful that I was able to sit in a circle of women and experience vulnerability and courage in such a human and raw way. Thank you to each of your beautiful hearts. I promise to practice in my personal rapture and remember that I am fully encircled by love and support.
— With so much love, Heidi Bailey
The accommodations were amazing and I was gifted with awesome room with a tub! The food was delicious. Yoga in the morning with Kim was appreciated and the setting in Maine was perfection. The thought provoking questions during the workshop and our first exercise of choosing possibilities was a trip! Closing circle was difficult but necessary. You are all soul sisters from another Mother! The welcome gifts, rock, essence, journal, all amazing and so thoughtful.
— Gail Yurman
This weekend of joined sisterhood has been a gift to me. It has allowed me to be vulnerable in a space where there is all love. I entered this space with a lot of healing to do. I initially felt that I was in a good place coming in, but after digging deep to find a more authentic understanding of the feelings that I am still living with I found that I need to allow myself more space to just “be” with my feelings, where they land in my body, and to be present with them. The TRP team is enlightening, gentle and full of wisdom. They have provided a safe and loving space for all of us to feel and grow. The accommodations, food, and fun were all beyond my expectations. A truly wonderful experience all around. Thank you Kim, Monica & Andrea.
— All Love, Maryse
This weekend was one of revival. No fault, but ownership. Learning vulnerability, to believe again, sisterhood, self expression, non-judgement and an amazing revelation of the heart, soul, and mind. The moment I arrived with my fears I left them and other preconceptions at the door. I was invited into the R.A.W., the real and the imperfect. I feel so light and lifted, and a little bit scared but ready to P.A.U.S.E. and continue. The house, rooms, food, treats, were over the top and loved but what made this journey complete was the incredible guidance of Andrea, Kim and Monica. The retreat content, loving and giving space created so much trust, creating the perfect environment to seek and grow. I found love and learned something from every woman, and most importantly, I learned what authenticity really is. Monica, Kim and Andrea- don’t change a thing, just continue this amazing work bringing trust and possibility to life. Please think about expansing your programs for Mothers and Daughters, and Teens! You are brilliant f*ucking Women!
— Deb
Excellent workshop ladies.. congrats! Content was 4 stars. Food and accommodations 4 stars, the leadership, compassion, concern and love provided by each coach blew my mind. Each of you have a gift. I have no doubt that this project will continue to grow as more women get revealed. The schedule of workshops/events, and ability to remain on time the entire weekend, while also respecting all of our time was greatly appreciated and no easy task- amazing! What could be improved? Honestly I can not think of anything that I would change that would have made the program more inspiring or healing for me. The Best part for me was the circle at the end, and the meditation stories. I’ve never been able to meditate and I loved it so much. I will take this forward! Each of you are 1st class! Thank you for all that you do!
— Love, Jill