TRP Retreat: The Power Story & Personal Truth (SHARED OCCUPANCY ROOM)


TRP Retreat: The Power Story & Personal Truth (SHARED OCCUPANCY ROOM)


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Beautiful accommodations in a shared occupancy room. You will have your own bed, and your own drawers to keep your personal belongings. This room is beautiful, light and bright, with plenty of bedding, skylights, and space to spread out. You’ll be delighted!

Program Fee’s include:

  • Single Bed Shared Room Experience

  • All Program Materials

  • Gourmet Food

  • Beverage (Coffee, tea, seltzers, juice, etc)

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Please join co-leaders Monica Rodgers, Kim Fuller & Andrea Willets for a very special weekend of REVELATION & SISTERHOOD.

Explore the fascinating world of story-telling, and discover it's ancient power to
heal, restore, and inspire.

OCTOBER 26th- 28th 2018 Kennebunk Maine

Women are waking up to the realization that their lives have been influenced by the stories of their families, cultures, and personal experiences. These stories have unconsciously shaped us and held us hostage for generations. By revealing the unconscious narratives of our lives, we will begin to shift into new perspectives, and get to the TRUE storylines that REVEAL who we really are.  To do this, we must first dive below the surface and distinguish fact from fiction. 

So who are YOU really, without expectations, conditions, or gender assignments? 

The benefits of doing this work:

  • A connection to your body and the wisdom it holds so you can integrate with your higher knowing.
  • Mindful tools to help you reveal and release self limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back.
  • Techniques to shift out of your disempowering story and into empowering thoughts and actions.
  • Living your most fulfilled life as a result of revealing your inner gifts passions and desires. 
  • A deep awareness for the importance of community and the power of connection, because we are not meant to journey alone. 

Lasting impact of this retreat: 

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs that disempower you. 
  • The ability to make clear and powerful decisions.
  • Firm and loving boundaries to honor your truth. 
  • A life that feels exciting, joyous and free.
  • A recognition of your inner gifts, passions and desires.

TRP will guide you to explore and reveal through meditation, conversation, coaching, creative processing, witnessing,
journaling, sharing and laughter! 

When registration is complete you will get a confirmation email and in the weeks leading up to your retreat, more directions, and info via email.