TRP October 2018 Retreat: REVEALING Truth & Story (SHARED OCCUPANCY)


TRP October 2018 Retreat: REVEALING Truth & Story (SHARED OCCUPANCY)


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Beautiful accommodations in a shared occupancy room. You will have your own bed, and your own drawers to keep your personal belongings.

Program Fee’s include:

  • Single Bed Shared Room Experience

  • All Program Materials

  • Gourmet Food

  • Beverage (Coffee, tea, seltzers, juice, etc)

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Lasting Impact of this program: 

  • A newfound appreciation for the difference between the story that was narrated for you and the one YOU design! 

  • A MAP of your life story, and new tools to navigate the exciting new world you create & reveal throughout this workshop. 

  • Mindful techniques to shift out of your disempowering "story", and tools for sharing your own journey as a tale of inspiration & empowerment. 

  • Busting  myths: The female archetypes and fairytales that no longer serve us, and those that offer us more resonance, range, and revolution. 

  • Living your most fulfilled life as a result of revealing your inner gifts, passions, and desires.

  • A deep awareness for the importance of community and the power of connection, because we are not meant to journey alone. 

  • A strong soul-voice; an inner confidence to authentically express yourself, without apology.