Welcome to The Revelation Project:  

12 Weeks to Loving Yourself Well 

Online Interactive course designed for women: January 7th- April 8th 2019.

If you are a woman who struggles with exhaustion, feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, self-criticism, and lack of intimacy, then this course is for you. 

This semester is about learning how to love yourself well.

  • Learn how to make decisions with clarity and conviction.

  • Feel tuned in and turned on about where you are in your life.

  • Reveal where you disconnect or hide in order to protect yourself.

  • Learn how to say "yes" to the things that serve you, and "no" to the things that do not.

  • Distinguish what is personally true for you vs. something you've been taught to believe.

  • Stop "shoulding" on yourself.

  • Learn nurturing practices that revive and revitalize your energy.

  • Practice being courageous.

Register Here: January 7th - April 8th 2019


  • Loving yourself well is directly proportionate to your happiness.

  • Loving yourself well determines how your relationships thrive.

  • Loving yourself well is the key to access intimacy.

  • Loving yourself well is the doorway to creating a full-filling and rich future.

By participating you will experience: 

  • Being part of an ongoing conversation that dives deeply into meaningful topics.

  • A community of women who create brave, supportive and engaging space.

  • Gain access to thoughtful content that guides you to explore, share and reveal the more.

  • Bonus material including mindful practices and helpful videos.

The Revelation Project’s mission is to  offer you a process to connect to your soul-work, and to reveal more permission, pleasure and possibility in your one precious life. 

What comes with my course? 

  • 2 live zoom calls per month with your TRP Coaching Team

    • This is no ordinary zoom call, people. We plan to have fun, go deep and dive into themes that shift perspectives, expand horizons, and deepen our lived experience. Plan for the unexpected.

  • A curriculum of themes to ponder and explore

    • TRP loves to reveal new possibilities for others. Prepare for insights, belly laughter, and new opportunities!

  • Guided material and journal prompts

    • If you're someone who loves to work on paper, feel free to print these little gems. This support material will assist you as you dive in and explore.

  • Facebook group support

  • Recorded coaching video's & guided meditations

Register Now:  January 7th-April 8h 2019 (Please don't delay as spaces are limited!)