Life is a Revelation Project 

3 Month Membership Program

The Revelation Project is all about activating consciousness and revealing the stuff that gets in the way.

You know, the "stuff"  The mess, the edges, the heartache, the betrayal, the "this is so damn hard today" stuff.  TRP isn't about making it all pretty all the time, but about living the hell out of life. 


It's also about remembering and recognizing who we are and celebrating where we are; dancing with each moment. 

This 3 month membership is about:

Falling in Love,  with you

This semester is about learning how to love yourself well. It's about learning to create loving boundaries in places that serve you, and revealing the many ways we de-self in order to belong and be loved. We will explore the parts of ourselves that long for acceptance, and practice the courage to be who we are, without apology. 

From this course, you'll walk away with the tools and insights that will help you understand truly, why loving yourself well is the only way you'll ever be able to thrive in the world and be in healthy relationship with yourself and other. 

What does it mean to be a member? 

  • Being part of an ongoing conversation that dives more deeply into meaningful topics instead of just skimming the surface.
  • Being part of a community of women who create safe, supportive and engaging space.
  • Gaining access to thoughtful content that guides you to explore, share and reveal the more... 

What comes with my membership? 

  • 2 live zoom calls per month with your TRP Coaching Team
    • This is no ordinary zoom call, people.  We plan to have fun, go deep and dive into themes that shift perspectives, expand horizons, and deepen our lived experience.  Plan for the unexpected. 
  • A curriculum of themes to ponder and explore each month
    • TRP loves to engage the paradox to reveal the possibilities!  The Yin the Yang, The Up, The Down, The In, The Out. The Sparkle, The Sizzle, The Real.  It doesn't have to be so hard, but we know that what gets revealed, gets healed.  Prepare for some belly laughs, a few tears and a whole lot of expansion. 
  • Guided material and journal prompts
    • If you're someone who loves to work on paper, feel free to print these little gems.  This support material will assist you as you dive in and explore. 
  • Facebook group support
  • Recorded coaching video's & guided meditations
  • First access to TRP retreats and promotions

Price: $297.00  (under $100 per month) 

Revealing the more...

Join The Revelation Project as we dive below the surface of our daily existence to get curious about each other and explore the essence of our lives.  Lets reach across the void and know each other.

 What matters most in our daily lives.  What does it mean to be human, how will we live, and who will we be to one another?