What is The Revelation Project? 

Our mission is to create a global community of awakened women who are committed to personal growth.


The Revelation Project is a catalyst for generations of women who want to experience their full range of self expression and activate their own innate wisdom. Our work also seeks to shift the cultural norm of what it means to be female, so that our daughters and their daughters are no longer caught in the web of silence, subjugation, objectification and exploitation. We call attention to limiting gender roles and celebrate the gift of the divine feminine as a clarion call for rebalancing and redefining the future.

We provide the support, tools, and experiences for women to build deep connections that unlock and accelerate personal growth. Our online courses, retreats and coaching services help women connect and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 

"One cannot destroy the dignity of a woman who has experienced her own power. Thereby, making it highly unlikely that one could wither or destroy the growing identity of any adolescent female who’s life has been touched by her empowered foremothers. When enough women have access to this experience, the whole world will experience a profound shift."    -Monica Rodgers Founder

Our signature workshop:

TRP is proud to offer a variety of workshops, retreats & services to
immerse women in self discovery.

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The REVEAL YOU portrait workshop is designed to capture the essence of your being. What is revealed, is healed. 

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