Ain't Nobody Gonna Die If the List Don't Get Done.

It's Monday, and I have a very busy week ahead of me, except I'm flat on my back and can do little else other than lay here and be. 

The couch was in three pieces, so lifting it with my friend and carrying it out to the car yesterday really didn't feel like much, until later in the afternoon when my mid-back became increasingly uncomfortable. Suffice it to say, I did not get much sleep last night.  No matter which way I turned I could only get comfortable for a couple of minutes, which brings me to my revelation. 

I've been anxious about this specific week coming for days now, anxious maybe even since last Wednesday. The reason is because I have lots of to-do's and moving parts to manage before we leave for Florida on Friday and I don't want to drop the ball. Because, what If I drop the ball??

I've got to make sure the kids have what they need. I've gotta make sure I call my prescription in, I've gotta order those two things on Amazon for my daughters class trip, I've got to ... and the list goes on. and on. 

Every time something new comes to mind to do, I mark it down, and every time I do something on the list, I mark it off. 

Living like this makes me anxious.

I do not like living by the list. 

My universe knows this, and my back seems to agree, and so it said  

"Girl!"  "Oh no you don't!" and then it made me lay the heck down. 

So here I am. laying down while my list does the same.  My list just lay there in it's all it's listiness on the table while I get right with the universe about what is essential. What is essential is not on the list! 

We have this thing the Universe and I.
Apparently at some point I agreed to be it's student and when I forget that fact, I get a little grab by the short hairs.  This usually makes me yelp and stop, so I can get realigned with our agreement, the one that I don't recall ever making. 

We are now re-aligning while I lay here and have my revelation:

"What is essential is being."


"What is essential is breathing."


"There.  Doesn't that feel good?"

"What is essential is being alive and connected to this present moment."

"Ain't nobody gonna die if the list don't get done!" 

"Got it?"


"Yes Mame, I do."

"I got it. "

"Can I get up now?"


Do you get overwhelmed when you have a list of things pile up?  What do you do to stay centered?