The Stories We Live By

From the time we are born until the time we cross over we begin to construct our personal narrative. Between these two points a multitude of stories are created. Some are memorable, and so we tell them over and over again and others are just remnants of our day to day lives.

Ben Okri, the Nigerian poet and novelist, says

“The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” 

In other words, the imperfect human story helps us feel less alone and has the power to cure a number of ailments stemming from unresolved pain, isolation, and fear. 

Story telling has the power to connect, inform and inspire us.
It also has the power to separate, isolate and refract us.

Story telling at it’s best, gives us insight into the transformative and ascending powers of the human spirit. At their worst, they distort our perceptions of one another, undermine our capacity for greatness, and keep us small and voiceless.

Stories are everywhere. In the media, in the gossip we choose to share with our “friends”, in the books we keep on our shelves at home, and in the memories of our hearts where we’ve been imprinted upon. Sometimes we are not aware of how our stories were collected or why these particular stories took on such significance in our lives.

At any given time, we are narrating a story within ourselves or consuming a story outside of ourselves. We use our own interpretations to make meaning and substance of our lives.

Regardless of if we are aware of our tendency to collect and tell stories, it’s the unconscious or unrevealed stories we live by that can dictate much of how we live our day to day lives, present ourselves to the outside world, and hold unhelpful beliefs about our capability, character, and potential.

How we interpret stories and the meaning we give them can alter how we behave, love, parent, and lead.

Would you be curious to know how how much more joy and peace you could experience by revealing the stories lingering below the surface of your awareness?

Would you enjoy exploring new life tools for discernment with the potential for extreme belly laughter with a like-minded group of women who want to reveal more?

I hope you’ll consider joining us!


Join The Revelation Project this October, as we explore the fascinating world of storytelling, interpretation, and the difference between personal truth and the stories we tell that no longer serve us. Enjoy a weekend designed to bring a new lens to the life you perceive and that reveals the inner essence of your one true voice and the story you want to be living.

Learn how to expose the lies, bust the myths, and re-author a story for a life that’s worth living.

It’s time we re-imagine a world where we can celebrate the heroine within us, and create an adventure filled with inspiration, purpose and possibility.

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