The Sound Of Feminine Heartbreak

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What do you do when your own country breaks your heart and the sound of it happening to your other half is deafening? When your leaders and representatives repeatedly fail to live up to the aspirations of it’s citizens with the most modest of requests, such as decency, safety and honesty?

What we are witnessing right now through the response to Kavanaugh  is a large-scale dismissal of the feminine reality.  It’s a mass trauma perpetrated by leaders who would tell women in their most painful of moments that it’s actually men who are the real victims here (also known as gaslighting).

I can't imagine that any one of us isn't feeling the hot sting of what's happening here. If you are part of our community then I'll assume that you are deeply activated on some level and If not then I’m sorry you’ve had to go numb.

Since The Revelation Project was founded almost 9 years ago, Ive witnessed a massive shift, especially in the last year. Women have gradually and sometimes painfully awakened, and courageously mobilized to call out the toxicity of our failing culture. Many of us have gravitated towards programs, movements and forums to help us make sense of this deeply disturbing time.
I have had deep gratitude for the comfort and grace of our growing community on facebook and other social platforms, as well as the many of you who have actively supported our mission and been involved in our online programs, personal workshops and retreats.

To be clear, this movement  isn’t  about hating men. We don't rage at our men, but at the system that man created at the exclusion of women that keeps women from knowing the same respect, opportunity and representation. It's an unjust and unfair system that serves no one.

Throughout my feminist studies in University, I never imagined that I would be alive to witness a period that holds such significance, hope, and importance for women and minorities. While my heart is deeply saddened by the current turn of events, I'm also hopeful, because If the The Revelation Project has taught me anything, it's taught me that what is revealed, is eventually healed.  

I know that on the surface, almost nothing is what it seems. I believe that there are forces of love at play, despite the vitriol of hate on display that there must be a universal moxy that’s been working to reveal the ugly places where our planet and people are in desperate need of healing.

I choose to look at this time in America as a disguised gift, otherwise we might have continued on this way,  largely unconscious to the horrendous frequency and scale of violence and aggression that continues to live in the shadows while undermining our progress as conscious and thoughtful citizens. While we have not yet seen the tides change for the better, what we have witnessed, is what needs to change for the better. 

By challenging today’s existing harmful narrative, we can begin to use our own voices to narrate a new vision for our collective future. In other words, this is hardly where our story ends. This is, in fact, just the beginning. 

Life is a journey of consciousness where awareness and action are intertwined. Each new mystery or challenge that presents itself is driving us toward new revelations that will inform our future. There is not just one answer, but usually several that weave together to inspire and empower us, bring clarity, and help us to facilitate healing.

Therefore, we can’t give up. There is always another layer of healing that we need in order to move forward. When we are stuck or stopped, it’s not a sign for us to quit or give up, but actually a call to dive more deeply under the surface to get curious about who we are becoming. It's also a whisper to lean in, and notice where our sisters are hurting and hold each other as we process our pain and to sit with each other in the invitation of it’s infinite wisdom.

For now, sitting with the pain and sharing our feminine stories with one another is the wisest and best thing we can do. When we do rise to  begin again, we do so with a mended heart and the crystal clear eyes of women who see a new possibility for a better tomorrow. 

With love and hope,

Monica Rodgers

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