Where the Sparkle Lives

While we all have a physical body it's difficult for many of us to forget that it's not who we are.

I think women in particular struggle to free themselves of their preoccupation or fixation on their bodies because our culture tends to condition us to focus on it.  I personally can't go anywhere without being bombarded by the images of the impossible ideal.  It's a subtle form of abuse that, over time can contribute to dwindling self-confidence.

The truth is that we are not our bodies. 

I believe our bodies are a vessel that contain the spirit and soul of who we are, and that the essence of who we are can be seen in moments of transparency, intimacy and vulnerability.

So how do we get to that non-physical part of ourselves or at least have access to it?  
How do we connect to our essence or sparkle where we feel connected and alive? 

The key is awareness, and while it may sound over-simplified, it actually takes great practice to notice when and where the disconnect takes place.  The Revelation Project coach is trained to focus in on the essence of our participants and to help her bring her presence and process to life. 

When working through each photo session we tend to ask our client "where did you go?" or "what's here now?" to bring awareness to the body.  We guide our clients to reveal the thought or circumstance that threatened her willingness to stay in the moment.

We all have a magical ability to disappear, but rarely know how or why we did it, or how to reconnect and reappear once we find ourselves triggered.

Paradoxically, the body actually holds that particular wisdom, and so by tuning in and practicing, we can backtrack to reveal the origin of the feeling that had us flee.  Our sensory system is designed to disconnect when it's fearful or threatened in some way, our bodies tend to literally curl around ourselves when we feel too vulnerable, less than, or unworthy, and when the sensation is too painful, we take it a step further by numbing out or disassociating. 

It takes great courage to stay in the moments that frighten us and be witnessed by another, and yet it's also ironically the direction we urge our clients to go in.  We urge them to allow their human-ness to break through the surface and into the breath so that it can dive back down into our vessel and bring connection in and through.

That's where the sparkle lives. 


Andrea Willets and Kim Fuller work with our participant after the REVELATION PROJECT/ REVEAL YOU portrait experience to deepen in the wisdom, reveal the insight, and process the emotion. http://www.therevelationproject.me