TEAM: Monica Rodgers. Andrea Willets. Kim Fuller. 

TRP Sisters In 2012

TRP Sisters In 2012

Monica Rodgers, Kim Fuller & Andrea Willets have been working together as TEAM for The Revelation Project since 2011.  

While TRP started as a side project and was volunteer based, our rapid growth challenged us to reconsider this work full-time. Our programs are expanding and we have redesigned our offerings to reach a broader audience of women through workshops, public speaking engagements, retreats, personal coaching & of course social media. 

Our vision is that this work becomes accessible to all.


Co-Active Coach, Social Media Artist, Soul-Seeker

Welcome to The Revelation Project.  I'm so glad to meet you! 

As a little girl, one of my very first revelations was discovering that I was a girl and that therefore my options were decidedly limited. I remember playing dress-up, (Dad's sport-jacket & tie of course), and making a grand entrance to announce to the cocktail-wielding adults in my parents living-room, that I would be President when I grew up! I remember a bit of well-meaning laughter and a compassionate glance from one of the ladies, but It was my beloved Irish-twin who would break the news:

Monica rodgers photographed by Kim Fuller for TRP

"You can't be President, silly, you're a girl!". 

He could tell by the crushed look on my face, that I'd not yet received that particular memo.

This memory was my first experience of what I call "the invisible fence" in the land of, "that's just the way it is". 

Where ever I went,  I could feel it's border holding me within the boundaries of my assigned gender. The news would yield plenty of indignation and frustration over the years and I would often point to the injustice of it. Eventually I surrendered to life inside the border, after all, the invisible fence was virtually everywhere;  home-life, social-life, school and politics;  Oh, and especially church.

I never excelled in school and remember my father (bless his heart) hoping out-loud to anyone who would listen that I'd eventually need to find a good husband to take care of me.  As a self-professed tomboy I scoffed at the thought as well as the delicate constitutions of little girls. I abhorred feminine looking clothing and wouldn't willingly wear a dress until I was almost out of high school. If I did, it was under the threat of death.  I noticed early on how boys were treated and so I did my best to emulate them.  My best friends were my own brother and my older cousins who worked the farm and my favorite girl (also a cousin) looked anything but and was as tough as nails. I hated to be  fawned over and preferred being tutted at for skinned knees and poor manners. My high dream was to learn to spit properly.

At some point I decided to keep my head down and vanish inside myself into some other realm. It was there that I learned to look at things below the surface. I began to question everything, especially why everyone in my extended family behaved so strangely; mine was a family of secrets. 

I had an obsession with an old box of family photographs I found beneath the eve of our basement. I'd sit for hours looking at the images, captured in moments of time that held the expressions, body language, and answers to the forbidden history of my fathers first family, before I was born. I'd been told by my Mother not to ask about it again, after once making my father so upset, that to this day, it's the only time I recall seeing him weep. I knew then, that I would have to decipher the answers to the secrets in the photographs myself.
I realized by examining the images more closely, that they revealed far more than what was captured on the surface. My family's true story was written on the faces and postures of the figures in my bloodline;  an iron-clad facade for a legacy of hard-workers with twinkling blue-eyes, a propensity for practical jokes and the weighty mark of unbearable sadness. 

I would continue to love diving below the surface and questioning the status quo and I loved anything that involved imagery and photography. I loved taking, making, and collecting images but as I grew into a more accomplished version of a woman with a career and eventually a family of my own, I became less and less available to myself.  While I had hidden myself away from others years ago adopting the facade of domestic happiness,  I had somehow managed to maintain a sense of myself, until eventually, that too was gone; I just felt numb. It wasn't until after my divorce that I realized I had stopped being able to look at myself altogether. I hadn't stopped documenting the world around me, but could barely tolerate seeing myself in my own reflection. As I looked more closely at my female friends and relatives, I realized that women everywhere were missing from photographs. Was it a symbol of some larger omission?  My curiosity gave way to a tremendous amount of self-reflection and inner work, which eventually became a passionate  project to bring women back to their primary essence, back from before the time of invisible fences, I an convinced we all have our own version. 

I believe that life IS a Revelation Project.  I believe that it's my birth-rite to claim, discover, and reveal my deepest purpose and I believe my access to creation and opportunity is limitless.

I believe that self-awareness is the key to freedom and that our personal stories of pain hold gemstones of insight and empowerment when we dare to claim them or share them with others. I believe that our self image has the ability to imprison or empower us and I believe the time is always now, to set ourselves free. 

TRP was the catalyst to know myself authentically for the very first time since I was a child.  Through the structure of the project, I was able to view myself as if through the eyes of a dear friend, someone who loved me and was deeply committed as a witness to my journey. The Revelation Project busted the many myths about my limitations and showed me how to reclaim my voice and step powerfully into what it really means to be a women. The framework of the project and it's process was revealed at just the right time in my life, when I was ready for It's gentle yet radical lens. 

If you've wandered across TRP's path today, it might not be an accident. 

TRP is an incredible tool for self-excavation, myth busting, and capturing the very essence of our individual purpose, passions and soul-work. Here's to revealing more..

Click here for more information on Monica's business background. 


Social Artist, Co-Active Coach, Truth-Seeker

Being in my fifties with full permission, a mom of 3 amazing children, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, inspirational keynote speaker, Designer, Facilitator, and Performer- Who am I really?

I am a Social Artist, and a woman in the free fall of her life. Although this is not an easy place to exist, it is a rich, gritty, heart pounding place, letting me know I am finally fully awake to my life with my eyes wide open…and I welcome this wild ride with all my heart. After years of being asleep at the wheel of my daily life, I have finally arrived at my life’s front door, ringing its bell every day, making damn sure I am present to all of my story; the good, the bad, and the messy. I am finally celebrating my “human-mess” no longer camouflaging my Soul’s Truth. I give myself full permission to be fully Self-Expressed without apology; no longer editing myself for others, re-claiming my birth rite to define myself. I am perfectly imperfect, and this includes my bodacious derrière!

It is my privilege to be a shepherd of TRP.  We often talk about how TRP has a life of it's own, and it guides us to where, when, and how...  The women that show up are craving that something more, deeper, sometimes inexplicable desire, and we get to help them, coach them, guide them, and witness them, as they reveal whatever "It" may be.  It's that wild ride I refer to, that has the power to change everything.  I have the honor of meeting brave, glorious, feminine souls that show up to be Revealed, and show up to re-claim a part of themselves that may have gotten lost or has never been discovered until now.  And I fall in love with every single woman!

Along with my coaching practice and TRP, I perform a one woman show, “Sorry, NO MORE!” inspiring women of all ages to stop apologizing for their lives!

The importance of people and community, and my belief in the process of Self Discovery and transformation in all areas of life, have coalesced into a career that feels more truly like a calling.


Photographer, Buddhist, Award Winning Author

I am a voyeur of human behavior – especially through the lens of my camera. I am a student of the mind through the practice of meditation and Buddhism.  I study, explore, and create through the art of photography, and learned with the best at RISD.

I am a passionate, spiritual person who loves to laugh and dance. I am the strongest when I am with my closest friends and family. I cannot tolerate abuse and cruelty. I work at living my life from the heart, but know how the mind tries to interrupt, so I am often watching, training, and shifting my thinking so that I may be in the present moment as much as possible. I love to connect one on one using photography, and The Revelation Project allows me to be with women in a very powerful way. I have found grace and strength, and a wealth of possibility in each woman I’ve met through TRP. I find that when they journey to a new place inside themselves…I get to go along with them.

My children are my inspiration, my husband is my support, and it’s very important to me that we all stay connected. My life’s mission is to be with myself and others without judgment. I work at this daily so that I may live peacefully, deeply, and joyfully.

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Kim looks through the lens of a camera every day but it's when she shifts her lens from looking outwards to inwards that she begins to find peace within herself and with others on a much greater scale; particularly with her adopted son who challenged her like no one had.