The Revelation Project is a perspective, an experiential growth experiment, and life-project for women. 

TRP is designed for reclamation by women of all colors, races, and creeds. Reclamation of mind, body, and spirit from all forms of misogyny, inequality, and disempowering narratives that keep women small & voice-less. The Revelation Project serves a community; a sacred circle of sisterhood, that celebrates and documents the multifaceted, powerful, and enduring spirit of women & girls. Using imagery, personal stories, and innovative tools for exploration, TRP intentionally disrupts the status-quo to reveal a deeper personal truth, delivering women back into the loving embrace of their limitless selves.
— The Revelation Project

Our workshops, retreats and coaching services are designed to offer you a new perspective from which to grow, and experience your world. 

Our Bold Claim: 

Since 2010, TRP has witnessed our participants transform their beliefs about what is possible in their lives. We've watched them emerge and literally "come to life" through our workshops, retreats, and personal coaching services.

Graduates of our program have published their dream books, shifted into fulfilling careers, and brought their voice back to center stage.  

Our programs are for seekers who are curious about revealing their innate gifts, life-purpose, and achieving their highest potential.  

Our programs are designed to explore edges, bridge gaps, and expand awareness. We hope you'll join us to rediscover what's possible, in your one wild, and precious life.  

What gets revealed, gets healed. 

Life is a Revelation Project: 

  • Life is always revealing itself. Offering opportunities & experiences to develop insight and wisdom. TRP's programs & workshops offer a new vantage point for exploration, awareness & empowerment.

  • As female beings we often forget our spiritual experience. The Revelation Project offers access to experiencing the source of being. 

  • Women are socialized to disembody for survival & acceptance. TRP is designed to re-member and deliver women back to belonging.


"One cannot destroy the dignity of a woman who has experienced her own power. Thereby, making it highly unlikely that one could wither or destroy the growing identity of any adolescent female who’s life has been touched by her empowered foremothers. When enough women have access to this experience, the whole world will experience a profound shift."    - Monica Rodgers Founder



TRP is proud to offer a variety of workshops, retreats & services to
immerse women in self discovery.

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The REVEAL YOU portrait workshop is designed to capture the essence of your being. What is revealed, is healed. 

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