The Revelation Project is a Radical Self Acceptance Project for Women

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Our Global Vision:

TRP stands as an access to reclamation for women of all color, race, and creed. A reclamation of our mind, body, and spirit from all forms of misogyny, inequality, and disempowering narratives. The Revelation Project serves a community; a sacred circle of sisterhood, that celebrates and documents the multifaceted, powerful, and enduring spirit of all women. Using imagery, personal stories, and social change platforms, TRP intentionally disrupts the status-quo and reveals women to their limitless selves.

“One cannot destroy the dignity of a Woman, who has experienced her own power.
Thereby, making it highly unlikely that one could wither or destroy the growing identity of any
adolescent female who’s life has been touched by her foremothers.”

- Monica Rodgers on Thoughts for a Better Tomorrow. 

What is revealed, is healed:

Cindy Sabato REVEAL YOU Workshop

Cindy Sabato REVEAL YOU Workshop

  • Life is always offering itself; revealing opportunities, insights, and possibilities to enrich our daily existence. The project gives you access to a new vantage point for insight & experience. 
  • As spiritual beings we often forget that we are having a human experience. The Revelation Project offers you access to your full being-ness through the eyes of the beloved.
  • As Women, we often experience ourselves through a lens of confusion and are often conditioned by our culture to experience ourselves as bodies vs. beings. The project is designed to bust the myths of illusion and reflect your true essence. 
  • There is nothing to fix. You are perfect as you are. Please know that TRP is not about solving you, but about seeing you. 

“I have met my self and I am going to care for her fiercely.” 

-Glennon Doyle Melton

Now offering Revelation Smart-Coaching, transformative workshops, and more.  Enjoy our interviews, photographs, and insights, as you explore our blog and website. Register NOW for our upcoming weekend retreat in Kennebunk Maine this coming April 2018.


TRP is proud to offer several programs that can assist you on your journey of self discovery.

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The images we have captures of our participants speak for themselves.  The insight gained through the process of doing any of our programs is invaluable. 

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Many of our participants have completed interviews that illuminate the process of their own TRP experience.  The interviews are moving, and incredibly inspiring. 


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"I have remained conscious of the “beauty” lessons I learned at TRP.  Primarily that when I make an effort to look beautiful I can actually feel it.  I think we struggle with a conflict between the beauty on the inside vs. the superficial.
Lipstick and mascara are not a mask, but a tool that invokes self-confidence. 
I’m both the canvas and the artist in telling my story.

- G.H.