"My TRP photos came up yesterday in my "Facebook memories" as having been six years ago. I was literally afraid to be photographed for this project. Which seems so funny to me now, looking back. Silly, even. I think I was afraid to be bold. I questioned my worthiness to be documented in this way. Sometimes I think this one act of "bravery" started a domino effect of empowerment and courage that led to me opening my own business, to my finally facing the dissolution of my marriage, and to me staying afloat amidst so many storms over the past six years. It has been the most intensely concentrated period of my life, in terms of radical changes and the powerful emotion that has accompanied them. "What gets revealed, gets healed."  - Bethany Harvey
"I am not sure that this path is right for everyone, but for those who are interested in going deeper, understanding at a higher level, and raising the vibrations of their lives, I believe that this experience is highly relevant. "- Cynthia Rosengard
"I think TRP is important because it requires each participant to go outside of her comfort zone and to really examine herself to the core. There is so much more to each one of us than what is at the surface, which is funny, because this is a photographic experience to start, but it's so much more. Much is revealed through the experience about each participant. The hope is that the participant will see parts of her that she may not have seen in a long time. That is what happened for me and it felt great." - Roo
"Women are often so busy with so many demands that time for self care and self nurturing is often at the bottom of the list. I see this experience as a very special way to honor one’s self, and to be lifted up and supported by other women.  The opportunity to share aspects of themselves and their stories is also a huge gift.  There is nothing like being seen, known, acknowledged and held in a loving embrace." - Nancy Feth
Life moves really fast and it’s nice to stop and take a look not only around you but within you. I think that the more in touch we are with ourselves the easier it gets to meet our needs and enjoy life. TRP makes this available to women.  - Lisa Laura
There are so many reasons why I would recommend TRP as relevant and valuable for other women (and have already done so with several of my friends), however for me it boils down to: having the opportunity for your divinity to be reflected back to you; enjoying a rare chance to play and explore without predetermined outcomes (something sorely missing in our world that is critical to femininity, in my opinion); witnessing the beauty that can come from uncertainty and surrender. - Beth Marshall
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"Our society constantly bombards women with bizarre and unattainable expectations.  We are supposed to be perfect for everyone else but ourselves.  It is awful!  TRP instantly takes away those messages and helps a woman see herself as who she truly is – a beautiful human being."
- Claire Silva
"The Revelation Project helps remind a woman of her primal essence, to wake up her soul-voice, and to claim the sacredness of being a woman. We are reminded of what having unconditional love for ourselves feels like. Recently a friend pointed out to me that love by itself is unconditional, but once you put it in a relationship, the relationship makes the love feel conditional. The Revelation Project gives a woman back her unconditional love, even if it is for an afternoon... Priceless".
 ~ Andrea Willets

"The Revelation Project is SO relevant for other women because we all long to share, to belong and to be heard.  We have the ability to connect on a deep, intimate and spiritual level with one another in a world with so many external pressures and influences.  It’s through this connection that we offer grounding to each other and can make sense of all the external ‘noise’. Girls often loose themselves at a time when they are transitioning into women-hood because of these ‘societal’ pressures, stereotypes and external noise. The Revelation Project helps us connect with the girl we might’ve lost in our childhood….that girl who just wanted to be accepted but gave up trying to find her-self because she just wanted to fit in."
- Sarah Lafayette