When have we truly seen ourselves?  

In order to access the deepest part of our being, TRP has discovered a process called "witnessing" that we have found to be an essential part of self-growth.

or gave yourself permission to connect with your deepest purpose? 

Have you ever really allowed yourself to be seen?  At TRP we believe that by changing perspectives, a whole new world is revealed to us. Through the lens of a camera, a change in perspective can reveal many unexpected things about ourselves. To be a participant in the project is to submit to the powerful process of being witnessed and all that this experience is capable of revealing.  The combination of the our workshop + the documented outcome (the photographs) create a powerful recipe for self growth, empowerment and intimacy with self and other. 

Each participant who has made the decision to trust the process of the project has ultimately given herself the gift of radical self acceptance. The Project is designed to access the deeper self, while capturing the subtle nuances of our beautiful existence,  and the deep and unwavering essence of our human soul.