Your Design Requirements


The importance of distinguishing the difference between what you want more of in your life and what you do not, can not be overstated.

Through the lens of:

I am the creative force of my life

We hold the power to design our lives.

Let me say that one more time: 

We hold the power to design our lives!

This is not to say that there will be events that happen outside of our control, because they do and will. 

What it IS to say, is that being specific about what we do want the rest of the time we are awake and noticing, is very, very important.  In fact, it's THE KEY in creating your life in the direction you want it to go. 

Think of yourself as a conductor in an orchestra or as a dance choreographer.

The Orchestra plays beautifully and everything sounds, feels and looks amazing...


The Orchestra is off key and fumbles it's way through a piece...


The dancers are right on the point and everything is "ON!" 


The dancers are listless and everything feels difficult and tedious.


Notice and affirm, the same way you might direct a child for good behavior. 

The child shares his toys with a friend...


The child bites his friend...


If it seems silly, I TOTALLY AGREE! 

And now that we are done belly laughing, let me tell you:

This shit works. 

Begin to play with the idea that you direct the energy of your life with your thoughts

The first step in directing it is to begin to notice. 

Let me give you an example relating the concept to my morning: 

  • I get out of bed and find that my husband has prepared my coffee- YES, that! 
  • I drink my coffee and instead of relaxing in a meditative state I start to spin on a to-do list in my mind- No, NOT THAT! (I catch myself instead of continuing on that path and reassert my right to have peace for ten minutes before consciously choosing that task, next).
  • After my coffee, I calmly sit and write out the thoughts on the to-do list that were trying to spin me up and note that I will get through the list calmly and without added drama over the course of the day.  YES, THAT! 
  • My friend texts me later in the day and asks me for a date this summer and we text about the fun things we can think about doing- YES! THAT! 
  • That same friend asks if I can spontaneously get together sooner for a glass of wine during what seems to be an already hectic upcoming week, so my stomach clenches and I listen because I know that's my body telling me NO, NOT THAT,  and I politely decline. 
  • I start to think about how overwhelmed I am about the upcoming summer and the change of routine and I begin to feel agitated- NO., NOT THAT! 
  • I sit and create a calendar to begin to collect and manage the upcoming changes for our calendar with a side- list of all the loose thoughts and activities that have no set calendar date yet, and now I can breathe easy, - Yes, THAT! 

While it might seem like a lot of extra work, just think of your life without it.   Without the noticing and the affirming, you become victim and reaction to each thing that comes up, and trust me- things will come up, and they will keep coming because you've never said:

YES to the things you want and NO to the things that you don't! 

Spend this time to train the universe to respond to your design requirements, and you'll start noticing more of what you want and less of what you don't, because it won't cross your path as much. 

Once it's trained, it's ingrained.

YES, you can co-create with the universe. It's your BIRTH-RIGHT! 

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